ANB is a specialized team consists of architects, archeologists and

 technicians who are experts in the conservation field.


The team works in a multi-disciplinary environment and develops; architectural heritage, 

historical research and restitution, conservation-repair, reuse and conceptual design, landscape design and 

museology projects by cooperating with different disciplines.

Documentation of Architectural Heritage

Documentation efforts are undoubtedly of primary importance in the conservation of the built environment with historical and cultural value. In this context, ANB Architecture provides services on the preparation of survey drawings of the structure and its immediate surroundings and the evaluation of material, construction technique and problem analysis by combining the current technology with its experience in traditional methods.

Historical Research and Restitution

Our team, which prioritizes scientific approach, conducts archival researches related to architectural heritage with the academic support of the experts and creates restitution analysis by synthesizing the restitutional evaluation of the buildings with historical researches. In the light of these data, which is of great importance in determining a restoration approach, historical periodization studies and restitution drawings of the building are prepared.

Re-Use and Design

In addition to the intervention decisions developed in order to maintain the physical existence of the architectural heritage, the inclusion of the historical building to the current life with its original or new function is one of the important topics of a restoration project. With this awareness, ANB Architecture works towards the creation of new designs that will maintain the continuity of use in the most efficient manner with minimum intervention.

Conservation and Renovation

Conservation and renovation projects including physical interventions related to the protection and current use of the building are prepared following the results of documentation, research and analysis. These interventions include issues such as the resolution of structural problems, treatment of material deterioration, and determination of approaches to the annexes or the original parts of the structure that are currently destroyed.

Exhibition Design

Museology activities constitute an important part of the re-use studies carried out by our company. In addition to the preparation of restoration projects, our company, ANB Architecture, which prioritizes the harmonious coexistence of different disciplines, prepares exhibition-arrangement projects under the consultancy of competent and experienced experts in the field.

Landscape Design

Determining the current usage and circulation problems related to the immediate surroundings of the cultural assets and developing necessary regulations in this context are of great importance in order to develop a holistic conservation approach. Therefore our team also prepares landscape design projects of the architectural heritage on different scales.



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Architect, M.Sc in Conservation of Cultural Heritage






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